The Mystery of Monster Mountain (and captin America)

by young David

Once upon a time there was an ugly man. He lived in the Jungle.

He was half man half monster. He ate green gorillas. When he was 3 he was very nice. Then when he was 12 he turned into a monster! His name is the purple graveyard monster.

His planet was called oookkyy. He has a space ship. It can go 8,000,000 miles a day. On thursday 1980 he went to earth that very day.

Then he saw another planet. It was called earth.

Then he landed in the Mississippi river.

Then the monster saw something. It was captan America!

Captan America fainted. He was hypnotized. Then he got unhypnotized. For that he shot a laser at him. Captan America took his shield out

and Palaaka! It reflected back to the monster! be continued...

Go somewhere else. okay?